Miltary History Timeline
Antigo, WI
Clean, dry barracks were provided for the large number of reenactors attending, with overflow in the tents , and period transport provided.
Displays were provided by reenactors and vets alike, including 325th GIR Gliderman Lester Schwarm . We were provided with some armor support, which we willingly helped "test drive" around the grounds. Our combat effectiveness was also bolstered by heavy weapons from the 502nd PIR and a straggler from the 1st ID.
Allies and Axis alike enjoyed Antigo's hospita;ity, as they put on an hour+ long USO show followed by a Big Band dance, well attended by reenactors and the public.
Thanks to all involved for a great event, town, organizers, vets, and Becky,who will grace a few footlockers!