Links of Interest

Glider Veterans:

  1. Glider Vet Don Rich is getting his book published: "Gliderman"

    WWII Reenactment/Living History Groups:

    1. 502nd PIR C Company:
    2. 105th Combat Engineers:
    3. 30th Infantry Division:
    4. 2nd Panzer Division:
    5. WWII Historical Reenactment Society:
    6. 20th Century Tactical Studies Group:


    WWII Vendors - Field Gear and Uniforms:

    1. "Sarge Vining's" C-Rations" (not just cans and labels - theses contain new food!)

    2. At The Front Supplier of Reproduction Uniforms & Field Gear

    3. Bayonet, Inc. Supplier of Reproduction WWII Uniforms & Field Gear

    4. Castle Keep, Ltd. Original and reproduction items

    5. Cheaper Than Dirt Discount ammunition, gun accessories, military surplus, hunting and shooting supplies, knives, law enforcement gear, outdoor survival and camping equipment

    6. Coleman's Military Surplus Coleman's Surplus is a Government Surplus Store featuring military surplus gear, army surplus, camping gear, Geiger counters, military tents and generators

    7. Not militaria per se, but they do have smoke 'grenades'... (Thanks Jon)

    8. Garcia Aviation "over 350 military items offered for sale, making this one of the largest catalogs of its kind, and with over 200 images to view. We offer items such as Antique Military Insignia, miscellaneous World War One and World War Two items, Vintage Field Gear, Military 8 Day Clocks and much more"

    9. M1940 Dog Tag Chain Reproductions Specialty supplier of WWII GI style dog tag chains

    10. Medals of America Your Web Store for 6000 United States and Foreign Medals, Badges, Insignia and Patches.

    11. Notched Dog Tags Specialty supplier of WWII style GI dog tags

    12. Omaha's Original GI Surplus For all occasions, collectibles, hunting, reenactments, and other activities

    13. P and K Military Antiques Original GI gear

    14. Reenactor's Vendors Buyer's Guide Check here before ordering - vendors rated by other reenactors!

    15. Saunders Insignia America's Insignia Super Mart. Personally recommended by the 401GIR

    16. Spectacle Accoutrements Your source for quality vintage eyewear!

    17. Stan Wolcott's Lucky Forward Militaria Supplier of original and reproduction uniforms and field gear

    18. The Sportsman's Guide Surplus, outdoor, camping, hunting, etc. gear

    19. US Cavalry Military and Adventure Gear Your online store for adventure, boots, camping, military, police equipment, outdoor, paintball, army surplus, climbing, hunting gear, and camo

    20. United States Army WWII Reproduction Paperwork You know what they say about the job ain't done...get it done here! Get that final detail right; IDs, paybooks, etc.

    21. WORLD WAR TWO RATION TECHNOLOGIES Feeding the World War Two U.S. Living History Enthusiast and Re-enactor

    22. WWII Impressions Supplier of reproduction uniforms and field gear

    23. What Price Glory Supplier of original and reproduction uniforms and field gear

    WWII History and Reference Materials

    1. American Combat Glider Pilots page Great Glider reference, many photos, stories.

    2. Eldred WWII Museum To preserve and interpret the history of World War II; To commemorate the contribution of the people of the Eldred, Olean, Bradford and surrounding communities during that epic struggle defending freedom and democracy against the forces of greed and aggression; To help shape a stronger future for the United States by helping future generations understand the lessons of the past.

    3. G.I. Intelligence Department (Hardscrabble Farm) Basic Training for the Re-Enactor. A Great site, frequently expanded. World War II Research & Reenacting

    4. Graef System Combat Rules Combat System Rules - used by many reenactors / event sponsors. Worth knowing.

    5. Historical Government Publications from World War II Free online library

    6. How to assemble the M-1928 Haversack Photos show how it's done


    8. Organizational History This pamphlet, the work of historians in the Organizational History Branch, Center of Military History, is designed to furnish commanders with guidance in carrying out their responsibilities as prescribed in AR 870-5. The pamphlet explains how the branch can assist units with matters pertaining to their organizational history, and it also covers other government agencies that can support this endeavor

    9. Questia Online library (subscription required) Many WWII references available

    10. Strictly G.I. We are a group of military collectors dedicated to help promote the history of the United States Army in the E.T.O., during World War Two, by preserving the history and the heritage of the American G.I.. Our main goal is to promote greater public appreciation for the contribution made by the American Armies to the liberation of our countries Belgium and the Netherlands (E.T.O.), in World War Two

    11. The 33rd Signal Construction Battalion Reenactors This site has some nice reference materials for GI Reenactors

    12. U S Army Quartermaster's Museum Reference on Uniforms & field gear

    13. United States Army Insignia Home Page Examples of the changes in the Army's insignia through history. Starting with the early and simple methods of distinguishing between officers and soldiers and bringing you to the modern and complicated methods of identifying rank, branch, and personal service

    14. Wild Bill Guarnere's web site 506th Eco's own Bill Guarnere has a great site set up - music, pictures stories - good material for BoB fans


    15. FM 22-5 Drill and Ceremonies Field Manual re: Close order drill

    16. FM 23-5 for the U.S. Rifle, CALIBER .30, M1 Field Manual re: U.S. Rifle, CALIBER .30, M1

    17. FM 31-50 Attack on a Fortified Position Field Manual Re: Attack on a Fortified Position and Combat in Towns

    18. FM 7-10 THE INFANTRY RIFLE COMPANY Note: This is a current era version, but most concepts still apply

    19. FM 7-8 Infantry Rifle Platoon and Squad See Chapter 4 for good reenactor training exercises (ed.) This section provides the mission of the infantry and the doctrine principles basic to the infantry rifle platoon and squad. These principles form the basis for platoon and squad tactics, techniques, procedures, and drills. This section also discusses the elements of combat power and the skills required of leaders and soldiers at the small-unit level.

    20. Index of Army Field Manuals #1 Infantry manuals, with links to many full text versions

    21. Index of Army Field Manuals #2 Provides links to full text versions

    22. Military Info.Com Many Field Manual copies available, check out their index

    23. University of North Texas Many manuals available in their Library


    24. Civilian Marksmanship Program Source of Government surplus M1903, M1 Rifles, sponsoring clubs, etc.

    25. FIELD MANUAL FM 23-5 for the U.S. Rifle, CALIBER .30, M1 Online field manual

    26. Fulton Armory Everything for the AR-15, M1 Garand, M14 & M1A and M1 Carbine!

    27. M1 Garand diagrams / illustrations Courtesy of Chestnut Arms web site

    28. Supplier of Rifles and parts for the M1

    29. Northridge International M1 rifles, parts, supplies

    30. Simpson's Ltd (Galesburg, IL) LARGEST FULL LINE COLLECTORS SHOP IN THE MIDWEST Tuesday - Saturday 1 - 6pm

    31. Springfield rifle, sniper models US M1903-A4 & USMC M1903-A1/Unertl Springfield rifle article